About dr Lorna Geer

Dr Lorna Geer is a registered counselling psychologist in South Africa and has run a very successful private practice for the past sixteen years. She is also a registered counselling and clinical psychologist in Canada. She holds various university degrees, including two doctorate degrees (PhD and DEd). She completed numerous post-secondary short courses presented in South Africa, the United States of America and Canada.

She has special and advanced interest in incorporating hypnotic techniques into the treatment of advanced illness, treating symptoms and treating clients who are subject to suffering and loss. She has had exceptionally high success rates in areas incorporating selective hypnotic techniques.

She is an enthusiastic person - full of drive and determination! A source of energy, ideas, critical and analytical evaluation and constructive inputs, matched by a proven track record for hard work, dedication and loyalty. Being a warm, sincere person with a well-developed ability to listen, she found that people respond well to her, that she is able to instill trust and confidence and establish rapport with clients and colleagues.

The unique combination of natural sciences (masters degree in chemistry) and human sciences (two doctorate degrees) in her background helped shape her as a person with an excellent ability to analyse and interpret situations and devise unique solutions. She is able to identify the core of a problem, as well as the resources available within the client, and to develop ways of bringing the two together in solutions that are "gift-wrapped" to match individual circumstances, thus unlocking the client's ownership of the therapy.
Dr Lorna Geer